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Connecting Communities and Families in Southern Colorado

Improvements made to a stretch of roadway in southern Colorado improved safety for commuter and freight traffic when completed in the fall of 2020.

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) opened to traffic a US 50 surface treatment and passing lane project between Fowler and Manzanola. The newly completed eight-mile stretch of concrete roadway provides motorists significant safety improvements including widening and lengthening an existing passing lane, placing safety rumble strips at centerline and shoulders, repairing bridges within the project limits, and reconstruction of the crumbling roadway.

This roadway sees a mix of agricultural, freight, and commuter traffic; the additional length to the passing lane enhances mobility and improves safety in the region.

In celebration of the early completion of the project, CDOT held a ribbon-cutting event on October 14. Transportation Commission Chair Karen Stuart said, “Investing in rural paving projects, such as US 50 between Fowler and Manzanola, is a great use of taxpayer dollars. We invest a lot of money in Colorado on transportation and while it might not be enough to meet all the needs across the state, the Transportation Commission is always excited to see projects that connect communities and connect families. This project will enhance safety not only for our motorists in southeastern Colorado, but also the freight and agriculture industry that depends on US 50.”

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