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Interstate 75 Investment Puts Northwest Ohio in Competitive Economic Position

Since 2012, approximately $1.1 billion has been invested in the Interstate 75 corridor in northwest Ohio bringing jobs, revitalization, and interest in the area.

“There’s a direct correlation between highway investment and logistics operations,” said Sanford Lubin, publisher of the Toledo Business Journal, who has seen infrastructure investment lead to business expansion in Ohio. “Northwest Ohio has been a superstar and a leader in the nation.”

A $156 million project through Lima created the opportunity for the area to brand itself and promote the region as economically vibrant. The resulting “Real American Strength” motto appears on the noise walls and bridge structures constructed with the project.

Four projects in Hancock and Wood counties totaling $240 million were the first to be constructed using revenue from a partnership between the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Ohio Turnpike. By adding capacity on I-75, the number of vehicles accessing the Ohio Turnpike has increased, thus increasing turnpike revenue.

When complete, a $114 million project on I-75 through Findlay will provide a cohesive link between Toledo and Columbus and enhance Findlay’s already solid reputation as a hub for business. The city is the world headquarters for Marathon Petroleum Corp., Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., and several national distribution centers.

Infrastructure often serves as a catalyst for revitalization, evident in the city of Toledo with its refreshed downtown. The city is and has been surrounded by infrastructure investment with a $343 million project from Wales Road to Dorr Street currently underway. A notable element of the project is the replacement of the DiSalle Bridge over the Maumee River near where the Hollywood Casino opened in 2012.

Two earlier projects on I-75 totaling $238 million were completed in 2016 and 2019.

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