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Kalispell Bypass – US 93 Alternative Route Shortens Travel Time and Increases Community Safety

Kalispell Montana situated in the state’s northwest corner serves as a gateway to Glacier National Park and other resources and natural attractions. US 93 is the major north-south route through the community providing connectivity to Interstate 90 to the south and the Port of Roosville on the Canadian border.  US 93 was not only a Main Street for the community but also a freight route, requiring truck traffic to utilize a congested urban environment in one of Montana’s fastest-growing communities.

 After funding shortages and land acquisition difficulties that put the project on hold for years, MDT’s Kalispell Bypass- US 93 Alternate Route opened to traffic in October 2016 completing the 7.5-mile route around the west edge of the city.  This new route, which serves as a gateway to Glacier National Park and other natural attractions in the area, now allows traffic to travel from the southern edge of Kalispell to the northern edge in under 10 minutes, cutting travel time by over 15-minutes. In addition, this $140 million alternate route has increased safety for drivers and allowed for a much more pedestrian-friendly Main Street.

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