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Lancaster-Guildhall US 2 Bridge Replacement Project

This $13M bridge project replaces the existing truss bridge (aka Rogers’ Rangers Bridge) with a new conventional concrete deck and steel girder bridge. Improvements also include unlimited vertical clearance, a snowmobile path, improved stormwater collection and treatment, and improved alignment at the intersection of US 2 with Vermont Route 102 in Guildhall.

This bridge is a critical facility for the movement of people and goods locally, regionally & nationally. With limited east-west routes in the northern portions of New Hampshire and Vermont, US 2 serves as the primary corridor connecting the region to Interstates 91 and 93. The bridge is important for emergency services and access to medical facilities in the region and critical to providing connectivity for the regional transportation system between these two states and the larger trade corridor.

Beneficial outcomes of the reconstruction of the bridge include:

  • Improved reliability and safety
  • Addresses significant deficiencies in the regional transportation system by reconstructing the structurally-deficient and functionally-obsolete bridge
  • Addresses regional transportation needs, and ensures the continued economic vitality of these two communities in New Hampshire and Vermont
  • Facilitates the movement of goods to national and international export markets (US 2 extends to the coast of Maine)
  • Provides jobs in the region for the entire duration of the construction activities
  • Enhances the livability of these two communities and the wider region
  • Ensures continued efficient access to nearby medical facilities in the area
  • Provides economic opportunities for the forestry industry in the export of pulp and lumber

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