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NDOT Billboards Highlight Local Snowplow Drivers

Four roadside billboards were unveiled in December, showcasing the Nebraska Department of Transportation’s winter-fighting axiom, “Your Safe Travel is Our Business.”  The campaign highlights NDOT’s efforts to maintain a safe and reliable transportation system by bringing the work done by maintenance staff to the attention of drivers.

The four displays, placed strategically across the state along I-80, are a way for NDOT to put the message on the road.  Each billboard highlights local NDOT snowplow operators, letting motorists know their neighbors are the everyday heroes blazing the way through difficult conditions.  Serving their communities and doing their part to shrink the number of winter crashes is what keep them focused.

Each billboard also features catchphrases, including “We are your Snowfighters,” “Respect the Plow,” and “Respect the Snowfighters.” The billboards represent the people, the work they do and the values they hold, working days and nights, holidays and birthdays to keep roadways open for safe travel. 

Emphasizing the importance of the campaign, NDOT Director Kyle Schneweis noted, “It tells the story of our people and their dedication to keeping their communities safe, and it improves the awareness of winter operations by putting the safety message on the road.”

As travelers take on winter’s fury, they can rest easy knowing there is a dedicated group looking out for their safety.  NDOT and the Nebraska State Patrol work diligently to keep roads safe every day, every night and in every storm.

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