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Operation STRIDE Improves Safety at Rail Crossings throughout Florida

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is using Operation STRIDE to improve safety across all transportation modes for Florida’s residents and visitors. In December 2019, the department implemented Operation STRIDE, which stands for Statewide Traffic and Railroad Initiative using Dynamic Envelopes, with the goal of preventing additional fatalities on or near rail crossings that are on state roads or state-owned land.

Operation STRIDE includes the implementation of engineering countermeasures called Dynamic Envelopes, education, and enforcement efforts. A Dynamic Envelope is an area near railroad crossings designed to keep motorists out of the danger zone. White connecting X’s are used to visually highlight the zone at railroad crossings that drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians should not stop to increase safety for motorists. 

Since the implementation of Operation STRIDE, more than 75 percent of the Dynamic Envelopes at crossings under FDOT’s purview have either been completed or are in the process of being installed, and the department has preliminarily seen a reduction in rail crossing incidents across the state.

The department continues to work with local and private rail partners by sharing the FDOT rail safety design standards and framework and encouraging their participation and implementation of the safety and engineering efforts across the state. Initiatives such as Operation STRIDE are vital as FDOT continues to build a safe and innovative transportation system for a growing Florida.

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