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FindMyRidePA is Pennsylvania’s web-based trip planning software application. The project started as an implementation of a “1-call/1-click” solution. The application allows for a user to view and plan trips on various local transportation options such as a fixed route or taxi service. The application also allows for the scheduling of trips directly to the demand-response public transportation service offered throughout Pennsylvania called shared-ride service. This feature takes advantage of the statewide deployment of a single scheduling and dispatch software for the shared-ride providers which the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation procured with the support of FTA formula funds.

FindMyRidePA is currently used in a 10-county region in central Pennsylvania for the booking of over 100 shared-ride trips a day. In addition to scheduling, the application also allows the cancellation of unneeded trips and provides updated vehicle arrival estimates. This not only benefits the users of FindMyRidePA by giving immediate access to the mentioned services without the need to wait in a phone queue but also allows for more efficient transit operations as fewer manhours are needed to manage these services through FindMyRidePA than would be required by other means.

Looking ahead, PennDOT will continue to build upon the state and federal investments into public transportation services and related technologies in Pennsylvania. FindMyRidePA will serve a key role in this as a “one-stop-shop” for information and services to assist individuals with transportation needs. The long-term goal is to make FindMyRidePA a place for anyone in the state of Pennsylvania to find more information about subsidized transportation services or programs, apply for any of those programs they may be eligible for with any provider, and plan and monitor trips for those same services. This would all be presented in an intuitive way without overwhelming the users with program acronyms or other technical jargon.