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I-210 Prien Lake Bridge Repair Project

After 54 years of service, the I-210 Prien Lake Bridge in Lake Charles, Louisiana required safety improvements and extensive deck repair. The bridge is a major connection between Lake Charles and Sulphur and serves as a commuter, industry, and business route. It has an average daily traffic count of 57,000 vehicles. The continued increase in traffic and age could have led to safety concerns if repairs were not made.

In January of this year a $35 million construction project to rehabilitate the bridge began and is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year. Work performed during this project improved and extended the service of the bridge and made necessary safety upgrades. The eastbound and westbound bridges’ main span of deck were removed and replaced. A new barrier rail system was retrofitted on both bridges. This creates a continuous barrier system that redirects vehicles better than the previous system. A permanent inspection walkway has been installed under the main span and will provide better access for bridge inspections while also reducing inspection related closure in the future. Construction work continues on the installation of street lighting between the I-10 and the Cove Lane interchanges. After its completion, the lighting will enhance visibility for motorists traveling during nighttime.

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