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Town of Munster 45th Street Grade Separation

The Town of Munster is currently working with regional partners to build an underpass for 45th Street below the Canadian National Railroad. Additionally, 45th Street east of Calumet Avenue will be realigned in order to meet 45th Street west of Calumet. This infrastructure improvement will reduce traffic congestion around 45th Street and Calumet Avenue and will facilitate development at this landmark community crossroads.

Approximately 45,000 vehicles a day use Calumet Avenue and 45th Street and must cross two Canadian National railroad tracks traveled by more than 20 trains per day. The project was created to reduce traffic congestion in the area, increase connectivity, and enhance bicycle and pedestrian accessibility as well as promote nearby development. The grade separation project is adjacent to a recently built Springhill Suites hotel and a collection of local eateries known as Centennial Village. Condos, retail stores, and offices are also in development at the 45th Avenue and Calumet Avenue intersection.

The $27 million project is one of the largest currently under construction in Indiana. The project is a model for funding partnerships as it includes federal funds, state funds, and local dollars from the Indiana Regional Development Authority. The town of Munster was able to deliver this transformative project without a local tax increase.

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