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I-65/I-70 North Split Reconstruction

The Indiana Department of Transportation is improving mobility and safety for the 214,000 vehicles that travel through downtown Indianapolis each day.

Beginning in late 2020, a nearly $320 million reconstruction project will revamp the downtown Indianapolis interstate system. The interchange was built nearly 50 years ago and has reached capacity for traffic. This is the first reconstruction project for the interchange, bridges, and pavement since it was constructed in 1968.

The project will add capacity and improve safety. It will also have a smaller footprint than the existing interchange so no new right of way was needed to start construction. The redesigned interchange will improve safety by eliminating weaving patterns as traffic exits and enters the interstate. That will also improve mobility for through traffic without having to add additional lanes. By taking these measures, the project hopes to eliminate the conditions that contribute to high crash rates and congestion.

This project will allow greater mobility for everyone through the Downtown Indianapolis area. It will affect commuters and visitors alike. When complete in 2022, the area will be revitalized through a number of landscaping and aesthetic projects. Local art will be a focal point in surrounding neighborhoods and a local trail will be expanded for increased walkability. Neighbors in this corridor will benefit from quieter bridges, wider sidewalks, and new lighting. The hope is to welcome Hoosiers and visitors into Indianapolis by helping them safely get to work or to one of the many attractions in Downtown Indianapolis.

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