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U.S. 20/S.R. 2 Dogbone Interchange

The Indiana Department of Transportation improved safety by rebuilding an interchange that featured one of the highest crash rates in the state.

The State Road 2 and U.S. 20 “dogbone” interchange in LaPorte County was completed from March to November of 2019 (on time and on budget). This $9 million safety project replaced the traffic light previously at this location with a bridge running north-south, with east-west traffic passing underneath. At either end of the bridge are roundabouts used to move traffic efficiently and safely. The new interchange features a significant reduction in potential conflict points, leading to a dramatic increase in safety.

Previously, this area featured one of the highest crash rates in the state due to rear-end crashes and red-light running. The crash data used when designing this project tallied 238 crashes between 2008 and 2017 at this location. 67 crashes included non-capacitating injuries, 10 included incapacitating injuries, and there were 2 fatal crashes. 2017 was the highest year for crashes with 27 recorded. Roundabouts are a proven safety feature and lead to an overall reduction in crashes, a drastic reduction in injury crashes, and a near-elimination of fatal crashes.

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