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I-40 Crosstown and Oklahoma City Boulevard

After 25 years of planning, significant public input, design and construction, the I-40 Crosstown is now considered complete with the opening of the new Oklahoma City Boulevard in 2019. This estimated $730 million infrastructure investment includes an estimated $120 million for the new city street.

The boulevard was designed as a new, four-lane city street to connect downtown Oklahoma City to surrounding interstates. The 4-mile boulevard was built in the footprint of the old I-40 Crosstown bridge after the interstate was constructed five blocks south of the old alignment.

The I-40 Crosstown reconstruction and creation of the Oklahoma City Boulevard combined with other public and private development in the area such as a multi-million new city park and a new hotel and convention center totals nearly $1 billion in investment toward revitalizing downtown Oklahoma City and bringing in scores of new business developments.

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