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I-95 North Lane Reassignment Project – Richmond, VA

A busy intersection where two major interstates, I-64 and I-95, cross near the Commonwealth of Virginia’s state capital was a hot spot for crashes and congestion. To improve safety and traffic flow on I-95 north between Arthur Ashe Boulevard and Hermitage Road, the Virginia Department of Transportation launched a cost-effective $120,000 lane reassignment project.

The project reassigned lanes to better compensate traffic demands where needed, to support traveler safety and traffic movement. Part of the I-95 ReVAmp series to improve the corridor within the Richmond region, the project was completed in spring 2017 and allocates travel lanes to meet traffic demands in the area. Reassignment provides the area necessary to transition the ramp from a short acceleration lane to a free-flow condition, and adding the third lane of I-95 back at the ramp terminal.

Through the improved acceleration and ramp lanes, traffic is better accommodated for this busy intersection, allowing a reliable experience for through traffic and local commuters.

Where drivers were previously were frustrated at this problem area, today they enjoy a safer, smoother ride at an improved speed during peak and non-peak travel times, which in turn makes all travelers safer along this stretch of very busy roadway.

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