Economic Benefits of Transportation,  Reduced Congestion,  Virginia

Towing, Recovery, and Incentive Program

The Towing, Recovery, and Incentive Program (TRIP), which began as a pilot in the Richmond area, was developed by the Virginia Department of Transportation to address clearance efforts for commercial vehicle incidents on the interstate with a standardized towing response goal.

Participating towing companies – each assigned zones within a 241-mile coverage area – must clear incidents from roads within 90 minutes to receive a monetary incentive. This was incentivized to drive a reduction in response times to incidents and clear the road, saving time and money for the Commonwealth.

Thanks to TRIP, travelers now see decreased delay and congestion, and emergency responders’ safety has improved due to reduced exposure time and a reduction in secondary crashes. In the TRIP program’s first 18 months, commercial vehicle crashes were cleared 110 minutes faster. This program is making a difference on key Virginia roadways by improving wait times and crash-associated traffic delays, with the goal to keep Virginia moving and travelers safe.

The TRIP program is partnering with additional towing service partners, providing improved solutions to traffic impacts and opportunities to businesses. VDOT is currently expanding TRIP into other regions and major routes in Virginia.

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