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Logistics Park Kansas City

A perfect example of a public and private partnership benefitting an entire region of the country is Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC). This facility near Edgerton encompasses 2,275 acres that are dedicated for distribution, warehouse, manufacturing and logistics-oriented companies in the region and around the world.

Private investments have exceeded $1 billion in LPKC and the surrounding area. In addition, the Kansas Department of Transportation has invested more than $100 in roadway infrastructure improvements. Then other public investments from the City of Edgerton, Johnson County, and other state agencies as well as approximately $22 million in federal funds are all working together to make this an enormous economic driver for the Kansas City metro area.

In fact, LPKC is a major reason for the city’s growing economy. Growth attracts growth. Since 2017, more than $100 million of building permits have been issued and nearly $6 million of new sales tax has been generated.  About 4,000 jobs have already been created, and in the next 10 to 20 years, LPKC is expected to bring in 13,000 more jobs to the area.

LPKC is strategically located at the intersection of four of the nation’s major Interstate highways – I-35, I-70, I-29, and I-49 – as well as nine U.S. highways and four Interstate links. This location provides incredible access to the Midwest as well as the entire country. From LPKC, freight haulers can reach 80 percent of the U.S. within two days and 100 percent within three days.

BNSF was the first of many tenants to open its doors in 2013 at LPKC. BNSF has 64,000 feet of rail track, 1,810 paved parking slots, 4,300 container stacking spaces an eight wide-span/rail-mounted electric cranes on 443 acres at the park. In 2018 alone, BNSF completed 410,000 container transfers.

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