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North Central Kansas Regional Transit

The North Central Kansas Coordinated Transit District has embraced regional transit strategies using federal and state funds to provide effective and efficient transportation solutions to the entire region. Following the steps outlined in the Kansas Regional Transit Business Model, the region successfully adopted coordinated dispatch software, formed a partnership in funding a mobility management position and implemented a regional route. These key strategies allow for the most effective use of federal and state transit funding and result in the best outcome for transit users in the region.

Key to the continued success of the region is the adoption of coordinated dispatch software that adds a technological component assisting local agencies in the scheduling and monitoring of transit trips across the region.  This technology directs the usage of regional capital assets in the most logical and efficient manner possible.

In addition to the added technology, this region also came together to identify an additional resource. A mobility manager. This individual provides a regional outlook to best understand the gaps and needs for future transit funding. This position is critical to forming local and regional partnerships and is essential in advancing regional initiatives.

A key federally funded regional initiative in North Central Kansas is the 81-Connection Regional Route connecting Belleville, Concordia, Minneapolis, and Salina.  This route connects individuals to essential services and jobs that they were previously unable to access. Federal funding was critical in funding the capital needs for this route and is an essential component of the operating funds moving forward. 

With the goal of providing Kansans mobility and access to their desired destinations, North Central Kansas embraced regional strategies and formed partnerships to make mobility a reality. The federal funds supporting these efforts were vital during implementation and long-term funding will be important to continue these successful efforts.

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