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Spectacular Lakeside Bike and Pedestrian Path

Along the pristine blue waters of Lake Tahoe’s north shore, Nevada State Route 28 (SR28) is the only access route. It serves over 1 million recreationists and 2.6 million vehicles each year. With the lake on one side and a mountain on the other, conditions along the SR 28 corridor were difficult for both motorists and the nearly 2,000 pedestrians and bicyclists who share the route on peak visitation days.

The primary goal of the approximately three-mile path between Incline Village and Sand Harbor State Park was to enhance safety and access by keeping foot and vehicle traffic separate. Between 2006 and 2013, over one hundred crashes occurred in the area of SR 28 where the trail now sits. Thanks to a newly completed Shared-Use Path and Safety/Stormwater Enhancement project, the issues have been addressed offering safe and scenic access and mobility to residents and visitors.

With more than 70 percent of the pollutants impacting Lake Tahoe’s clarity coming from the built environment and transportation system, water quality improvements such as enhanced roadside drainage inlets, sediment filtration systems, and erosion control were also installed along six miles of SR 28 to help improve the quality of stormwater entering Lake Tahoe.

The SR 28 Shared-Use Path was an integrated approach to improving safety, mobility, water quality and recreational access within the corridor. The project partners determined that constructing the components as integrated facilities designed to work in tandem would provide the highest possible value to the public and the greatest benefit to the environment. The Tahoe Transportation District served as the lead agency through environmental review of the project, and the Nevada Department of Transportation oversaw design and construction. Thirteen organizations came together to partner in support of the project. The unique partnership effort recently received an American Trails Award for partnership.

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