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Stormwater Management Program

Nevada is the driest state in the nation, so surface and groundwater resources are precious commodities. Stormwater has the potential to carry pollutants from the Nevada Department of Transportation’s right of way into Nevada’s water bodies. That’s why NDOT, under its Stormwater Management Program, works closely with other agencies to reduce pollution in stormwater runoff from roads, facilities, and construction projects.

The Stormwater Program is interwoven into NDOT’s daily activities and is integral to the success of NDOT’s operations. It helps NDOT address water quality requirements established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) Permit issued to NDOT. This helps sustain natural habitats and maintain the health of communities by keeping our receiving waters fishable and swimmable. 

In 2019, the Stormwater Division performed 106 construction oversight stormwater inspections to help ensure compliance. The Adopt-a-Highway Program cleaned approximately 85 miles and removed 26 bags of litter and the Sponsor-a-Highway Program cleaned approximately 1,567 miles and removed 6,579 bags of litter.

Through ongoing participation in public and industry events, school presentations and through social media platforms, the stormwater outreach program “Love NV Waters,” continues to promote stormwater pollution prevention education and NDOT’s commitment to water quality preservation on every project and roadway activity.

Stormwater Compliance and Enforcement Manager Michael Simmons said, “Located in the shadow of Lake Tahoe, the importance of clean, safe water can easily be realized any day when you see people enjoying this magnificent resource… a resource worth protecting. NDOT is a leader in delivering effective transportation solutions while providing, operating and preserving a transportation system that enhances safety, quality of life and economic development. It is imperative that we include environmental stewardship in our daily operations to fulfill the vision of a safe and connected Nevada.”

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