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North Sheridan Multi-modal Interchange Project

Along Interstate 90 near the Montana border in northern Wyoming, Sheridan is one of the state’s most scenic and quickly growing communities.

This multi-modal, multi-agency partnership North Sheridan Interchange Project, completed in October 2020, accomplished the following in replacing an antiquated interstate interchange and making other upgrades:

  • Improved public safety and connectivity for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists;
  • Fixed deteriorating segments of I-90 and Sheridan’s North Main Street;
  • Provided direct access from I-90 to the north Sheridan area;
  • Established opportunities for economic growth in the north Sheridan area; and
  • Enhanced the area’s aesthetic appeal for both residents and visitors.

The new location and realignment will move higher traffic volumes through an interchange offering a safer, more easily accessible, and fluid transition from the interstate.  The new diamond configured facility is located west of the old interchange and intersects more efficiently with a new portion of rebuilt Wyoming Highway 336. 

Costing about $46 million, the project is one of the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s most expensive.  The project cost speaks to its complex, multi-modal nature.  In addition to the new, state-of-the-art highway interchange, the project included constructing a new railroad bridge, demolishing outmoded structures, and extending the pathway system in the vicinity to provide active transportation alternatives for pedestrians and cyclists.  Beyond the interchange, part of this project included widening and paving North Main Street to handle traffic approaching and leaving Sheridan.  In partnership with the City of Sheridan, the contractor replaced and upgraded all utilities and curb and gutter in the corridor and installed context-sensitive amenities including decorative lighting, sidewalks, and landscape features. 

Associated, simultaneous department improvements in downtown Sheridan include restriping lanes and changing traffic patterns to create a safer and more efficient three-lane configuration on Main Street.

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