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UDOT uses Atom software to combine Asset and Maintenance Management

Utah DOT (UDOT) is improving workflow efficiencies to save time and deliver a stronger transportation system to the public through the use of Atom, an enterprise asset management and maintenance management software that has been integrated into the department’s organizational culture.

Atom stands out in the industry for several reasons:

  • It is one of the only software packages available that integrates asset and maintenance management in one place, which streamlines workflow;
  • It is built on the Google Platform which makes it easily available to field staff on both desktop and mobile applications;
  • It allows for an unlimited number of users through the Google Platform and seamlessly ties into UDOT’s ecosystem.

UDOT will be leveraging Atom for Level of Service (LOS) evaluation of assets. By doing this type of evaluation, UDOT will be able to directly see the impact of maintenance work against the overall performance of the asset class in each region and how much cost is associated with this amount of maintenance work. Knowing all of this information will enable UDOT to make informed decisions to strategically invest, or divest, into each asset class in order to maintain, increase, or decrease LOS for each asset class in each region. All work created in the system can be automatically tied to an asset, and work can track all labor, equipment, and material associated with work.

Because Atom is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, UDOT will benefit from the continuous rollout of new features and functionality for the next 10 years without additional costs. UDOT will benefit from product enhancements identified by similar organizations as well as other industries and use cases.

The software is flexible enough to track all of UDOT’s work and can tie in with other public-facing software.

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