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UDOT Pi-Lit Device Pilot Study

Utah DOT is aiming to make drivers safer through a new innovative partnership and pilot study. UDOT has recently partnered with Pi-Lit Technologies and 3M to field test crash detection devices on cable barriers, signs, and crash cushions at several pilot locations.  The Asset Impact Management System (AIMS) is a collection of accelerometers that are slightly larger than a cell phone, and use the cellular network to provide real-time alerts when an impact is detected.  Installation only takes a couple of minutes and consists of attaching the device using zip ties or double-sided tape.  Devices also provide temperature and humidity data, which provides valuable information when they’re not reporting crashes.

The intention of this pilot project is to quantify the benefits these devices provide in helping recoup crash costs by alerting first responders of an impact and assisting maintenance crews in repairing damaged assets in a timely manner.  In addition to the device hardware, Pi-Lit provides a dashboard for managing alerts, adjusting device sensitivity, and allowing field crews to track inspections and repairs.  Central Traffic and Safety is leading this project with close cooperation with the relevant maintenance stations and the control room at the TOC.  Glenn Blackwelder, Operations Engineer with Traffic and Safety says, “These devices can help us understand quickly and accurately what is happening on our roads”  The pilot program is planned to run for six months, at which point additional installation locations will be considered.  If you have any questions about the program, please contact Glenn Blackwelder (gblackwelder@utah.gov) or Kaitlin Marousis (kmarousis@utah.gov).

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