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MD 30 Business (Main Street) Urban Reconstruction

Maryland’s State Highway Administration helped update a historic district, customizing a design to accommodate the town’s character while improving safety and community access.

Visiting the national historic district of Keedysville today provides a tourist walking down a well rebuilt State highway a look at a town with a mix of striking 18th-century houses, church steeples, and new suburban homes. Think back a year, though, and it was a place where construction had suddenly halted and residents expressed their frustration.

MDOT SHA had contracted with a construction company for the Keedysville Streetscape, but the company grew rapidly and then collapsed, leaving MDOT SHA scrambling for a replacement. Thanks to D6 Project Engineer Dave Mitchell, Area Engineer Christopher Perkins, and the new contractor, the project has been completed and residents are delighted with the results. Keedysville’s Main Street retains its character because MDOT SHA design staff customized the construction on the hilly street, making detailed modifications to sidewalks, railings, and drainage. The $35 million project was completed in December 2020.

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